The Tipsy Nomads has been set up for a bit of fun.

It is for people to send us pictures of different alcoholic drinks from around the world.

We will post the picture on our website.

The picture can be as creative as you like as long as it has an alcoholic drink in the photograph.

We will post your pictures as well as a paragraph or two about the picture.

If you have a website or blog let us know what it is and we will link to it.

If you have a twitter account and/or facebook page let us know when you submit your pic so we can mention you in the tweets we send, and reference you on facebook

Email submissions to thetipsynomads@gmail.com with your picture and the below template

Your name or handle:

Where was the picture taken:

A description:

What the drink is:

Your website/blog address:

For more information on the creator of this site, read the interview he gave for the Liebster Blog Awards

Thanks and Please Drink Responsibly


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email tipsy small

tipsy trippin

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